Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trying to get somewhere

We always seem to know where we have to go, where we would like to be in life. The hardest part is the ambition to figure out how. The destination is already built in our minds, the picture is clear as day. It's like going to visit someone far away, you're exciting, you know what you need to pack and so you prep. Then you're thinking 'oy vey' how do we get there? So then the search for directions comes into play. In the end we always get there though, don't we? :)

After my post yesterday I began today following my own advice. Today was a rainy day so I did as Mother Nature asked and let the raindrops wash away my own worries for the time being.  Then I proceeded to reach out to those I haven't talked to in quite some time. They were quick check ins to let them know that I was thinking of them and see how things were going. They were happy and I was too. The positive reactions alone fills my heart and made me realize this was the right choice. I'm thankful for having those in my life as well for being so patient with my as I have left the friendships drift a little ways from shore. It's important to be active in lives around us, those that make a huge impact on us. We need each other.

I get lost just as much as those around me do. We just have to help each other, direct each other, take a hand and drag each other to where we should be going. The hardest part is trying to get somewhere. I'll help you as much as I possibly can ♥