Monday, April 4, 2011

Making this week count!

Welcome to a new week! ♥

Today I wanted to share a love message with everyone. I find myself lately getting extremely caught up in things that have been causing me much stress. I'm working on reducing the stress as quickly yet careful as possible. One thing that I feel I lose site of at times is those around me that need help. I have various friends and family that have just as much or even more stress than I have. Mine I can control, sometimes others can't because of the situations they're put in. 

This week I want to spend reaching out to loved ones and making sure that they're 'Okay'. It doesn't add stress to our lives just checking in with someone to see how they're doing. Even if it's a quick email, phone call, text message, a pat on the back as you pass bye them, a hug, a kiss, whatever is most comfortable ♥ I feel that it's important to do. I hope that if you're in the position I am, where yes.. there's a lot going on in your life but you know you're able to find a few minutes a day to spread some love in other directions. Please do! Let's make this new week count! ♥

Sometimes we just need a friend....