Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Aloha my friends! It's Wednesday and today we're joining Jamie in her fabulous Wednesday Feature!
I'm loving polka dots ♥ ... My sudden burst of creative energy has taken over. I've been in search of it for months! Today I've began my attempt at making a purse/bag. It's not finished, of course. Do you like it?  :)

 I'm loving my new bangle bracelet I made. Yes, another fun creative project I started!
I'm loving my lovely gift I won here! It just came in the mail today and I'm already antsy as to who I'll write my first card out to! These cards were created by Heather at Blondie's Shop.

I'm loving Pepsi! Oh gosh, I know that's it not the healthiest drink. Okay, so it probably doesn't fall in even the 'semi' healthy category. I sure love it though!

I'm loving kisses from my fuzzy little ball of love. Peanut, our baby boy! He has a way about him that makes us forget about everything.