Tuesday, August 12, 2014

94 Days Until We Meet You

I have just another week before I enter my 30s and I have to say.. that I'm pretty damn excited about it. Not only is it beginning a new decade and a life changing event for me but little Miss Autumn Lily will be starting this new Chapter with me. Starting fresh! 

I have been spending so much time lately going through photos of when I was a child and having Charlie pick through his as well. I want to be able to compare all those stages of our childhood to her as she grows. All of those little features she will have we talk about a lot. Who's eyes she'll have, what nose will be more like hers, if she'll be tiny like I was or have his olive skin. What color her hair will be eventually and if she'll have green or blue eyes. We've been creating a visual in our mind and I'm so excited to see our cute little baby. 

This will all happen in my 30s and it's truly the best gift I could ever ask for. 

#94: The collection of Photo Books (which will end up being a whole Encyclopedia Britannica Collection) you'll have for each year of your life along with many special occasions in between.