Wednesday, August 6, 2014

100 Days Until We Meet You

It has been a very long year for my husband and I. When I say long I mean that in the most positive way. Last November I went in for surgery which you can read about 'here'. From that day forward ours lives have changed in such an incredible way that for almost 10 years we never imagined it could have.

In 100 days we will meet our daughter, Autumn Lily. I'll be starting my 3rd trimester a week from Friday and I still cannot believe how blessed we are. Being able to welcome her into our lives is a true miracle for us. Without my surgery last November I was unable to conceive. She will be born exactly a year (her choosing of the exact day of course) from when I had the surgery to make this all possible. 

We are so in love already, head over heels.. in love! With every little kick, her endless dance moves as the noise outside of my stomach gets louder and louder. When she decides that transverse position is way more comfortable (for her). The times you like to bounce on my bladder. She's already apart of us and has my heart along with her father's. 

This week is our yearly family vacation at Old Orchard Beach, ME. I've spent each day not thinking about what we can no longer do on vacation anymore as we will have a child in 3 months, but instead, all of the wonderful adventures we can share with Autumn next time we come back to Maine. 

#100: Next Summer we will dip your feet into the chilly ocean unless you step into it yourself.