Monday, August 11, 2014

95 Days Until We Meet You

I think one of my greatest fears of becoming a Mom and I know it's what others feel as well is protecting our children. The News lately seems to get worse as each day passes which is inevitable. There will continue to be these stories and bold headlines in which they stand out letting us know that evil exists out there in the world. 

When I was younger I had this strong view in which every one is good in the world, even those that commit some of the most tragic crimes. That deep within them there is good and they just need someone to help bring it out of them. As I've gone through life and witnessed events or had an impact from things I've seen, I realized that perhaps there was good at some point in some of those people but sadly it's not there anymore. 

I want to protect my child but I do not want her to live in fear. I hope to be able to show her so much good in the world that she does see that the positives outweigh the negatives every time. I want her to experience life while knowing her surroundings and also keeping an open mind and open heart.

I hope that if she sees someone lost in life she will help them find their way. I hope she doesn't judge others but can decipher whether where she is and who she is with is safe. I want her to always find a silver lining and to be able to look past the darkness that sometimes can be suffocating whether it's from the news or in general, negativity in our lives and be able to smile.

She has the biggest heart as I have heard it beating so many times.  

#95: We will go barefoot together and jump in puddles while it's raining.