Saturday, August 9, 2014

Flowers, Monkeys and Etsy!

Top Right: Little Pretties Boutique ~ Etsy Shop

I just can't help myself.. honestly.. I can't. Browsing Etsy or I should say stalking the Etsy website is more like it. I'm always searching for adorable items for Autumn's nursery along with things for her. I came across some really cute stores that I just could not pass up. 

I was looking for the separators for the closet to make finding the sizes much easier as the clothes I currently have do not look to different from one another as the months change. There is an enormous amount of awesome shops on Etsy that have these and though I had trouble making up my mind the little monkeys caught my eye at Little Pretties Boutique!

Then of course I've been on a mission in search for hair accessories that can be used throughout the year and not only when Autumn is a newborn. There is another little baby girl in our family that will be arriving soon and I wanted to get her some hair accessories too. These two shops have such sweet, delicate and elegant hair pieces for little girls: PoshLittleTots and HartsandRosesBoutique. I recommend if you have a little girl or know someone who is to visit their shops. 

All of these beautiful surprises that I thought I would not receive for another week were shipped so quickly and packaged very well. I'm so impressed and there was no way I could not share this with all of you!