Friday, August 8, 2014

98 Days Until We Meet You

Today is the celebration of 26 weeks in which Autumn has been growing in there. That's 14 weeks out of 40 weeks (give or take) that we have left until she greets all of us with her beautiful little smile. 

I have to say that this journey has been quite unpredictable no matter what everyone who has been through this experience has told us and prepared us for. I've learned that though the "process" is similar, everyone has a different experience in pregnancy. 

For starters this little Peanut of ours couldn't make up her mind when it came to food for the first 16 weeks and I spent the majority of my day with my head in the toilet... so so very attractive. 

She even gave us quite the scare at 7 weeks in the very beginning that left Charlie and I very distraught for 5 days. They were by far the longest and heartbreaking 5 days of our lives in which we distanced ourselves from everyone around us. It was very emotional when we had learned that everything was going to be okay. 
It's been smooth sailing since then!

I can't wait to tell her someday about the times she was sleeping inside and I didn't feel movement for hours so of course I would shake my tummy a little to wake her up. If life was like the movie "Look Who's Talking" I'm sure she would be yelling at me in that Bruce Willis accent.   

I want to share with her the videos I've taken of my stomach along with the earlier videos of her heartbeat on the fetal doppler monitor. The mornings I lay in bed beside Charlie while we watch my stomach move from side to side like a seesaw. The day we watched her kicking exactly where my tattoo is and then we saw what was a foot, hand or elbow completely glide all the way up the side of my stomach like a groundhog on the hunt.  Her consistently tiny hiccup bumps. When my stomach stays in a lopsided form for hours at a time. 

It's all pretty incredible and I miss it already thinking about this experience.

#98: The first time you write your name in the sand.