Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Je t'aime Papa, Mémère & Grandma..

I grew up with a Papa, Memere and Grandma. There was no Grandpa as he passed away when my Mom was 5. I remember people bragging about getting spoiled by their grandparents. I didn't know what that meant exactly. Having quite a few cousins under my Papa and Memere and just a few under my Grandma it was all I needed. On each side our families were close. My cousins were my friends and no one ever kept us apart.

I was in 1st grade when my Papa died, going into 8th grade when my Memere passed away and lost my Grandma a few months after that. All fought the cancer battle. Not a day goes bye that I don't think of them somehow. I've learned so much from each of them but today I share some history about my Papa and I.

I learned that tomatoes were not my deal when I helped my Papa plant his vegetable garden. It was really small and he knew I loved cucumbers. He gave me a few seeds and showed me how to put them in ground. Before no time a huge cucumber grew intertwined with a tomato plant. I remember when he took the tomatoes off went in the house and told me to try it. I was such a fussy eater. Believe me I was. I said 'Papa I don't like them'. He said '..sure you do, you won't know until you try.' So I did and puked on the floor. He then went to say that we learned I don't like tomatoes.

I also learned from my Papa how my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. Going back to my comment about being a fussy eater I also wasted food, alot. When Papa made spaghetti he would put a few strings on my plate. I'd ask him for more and he would tell me that when I finished those I would get more. There's hungry kids out there. You know the speech, we've all heard it. How clever, though, right?

I learned from him the importance of gifts and how you don't have to spend money. The cucumber that Papa and I planted together. Well, he wrapped it up for my 5th Birthday in Newspapers and I opened it in front of all my friends and family. I'll have to find the picture but you have never seen such a smile on a little 5 year olds face like mine. It was to this day the best gift ever.

My Papa nicknamed me Squarehead and to this day when I look in the mirror I can see a square shape to my face. He always teased me about how much I talked, but I loved to and he never once told me to hush. I loved making him smile. I always told him stories and when friends came over I brought them next door to meet my best friend, Papa. I followed him around the house and asked a million questions. Again, he always smiled, answered and was so patient with me. I must have been such a pest.

When he was sick with cancer near the end they had to put a bed downstairs for him. I would come over everyday and my Memere would let me go and open the blinds then I would crawl up in the bed and cuddle with my Papa. He had a favor red/black plaid blanket that was so warm. When my Memere was sick she gave me Papa's blanket and told me she knew Papa would want me to have it.

I remember the first time I made milkshakes in the blender. My mom let me put all the stuff in and she pressed the buttons. I filled up a glass and brought it next door for Papa to try. I'll never know if he really liked it, but he devoured it and asked for another glass. I was so excited and came back to tell my mom I had to make more.

We would go to breakfast almost every Sunday at Saints. My Papa knew everyone as he walked in and everyone called his name. Reminds me of my Dad and how he seems to know people no matter where he goes. Everyone got breakfast foods which to this day is my least favorite meal of the day. I wanted a donut. I saw them on a glass tray when we walked in. No one thought I should but my Papa ordered me the chocolate covered donut. I would cut it up with a fork and knife and every week I got the same kind of donut.

We went to church back then every Sunday as well and sat in the same pew week after week. I always sat next to Papa. I looked up to him.

People make mistakes in life but my grandparents always forgave people and did whatever they could to help anyone. They were wonderful. They had big hearts and enough love for everyone even strangers. I wouldn't be where I am without any of them. I could write a book about having each one of them in my life and what has changed. Today I look back on my Papa as he was the man of the family and say he made my life worth living.

I love you so much and miss you.