Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simmer down, Fizz!

So I now have quit biting my nails. I have to say that by letting everyone know it really helps me. The reason for that is I feel all eyes are me in regards to whether I will place my fingers in my mouth (gross!). There were a few times, lying.. many times today my hands slowly reached my mouth. Then I thought.. SPYS! Someone will tattle on me, so I'm glad that others know about my nasty habit I stopped. Day 2 complete, it's such a struggle..

Onto what I let go or gave up today. Did the title give it away? Soda, yep I'm done with it. I mean, I hope to be. There's nothing like a really cold glass of soda when my throat hurts and the fizz just snap, crack, popping in my throat. The other thought is what it's doing to me, the artificial sugar coating everything inside of me, ruining the teeth. I'm not trying to knock soda because there are so many other beverages that have the same effect. I bet I could live to be 100 drinking only soda, I'm just choosing to remove it from my life.

Goodbye my sweet Pepsi. It's been real.

Love you crazy peeps!