Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell..

This is a sensitive topic for me. It hits close to home in regards to those I love, family, friends and even strangers. I feel that everyone at least once in their life has been 'bullied.' For those who can't think of one time, there could be a slight chance that you were the one doing that bullying. There's also the chance that those that were picked on had also done the picking on even though perhaps we didn't mean to. I know I'm guilty of that.

I don't define this as old school bullying. You know, stealing the lunch money, throwing someone in the garbage can, shoving their head in a toilet, kicking them in the hall, etc. The list continues. It is also just making fun of someone plain and simple. Criticizing how they look whether you're saying it to their face or behind their back. The moment you are in privacy with a friend and the two of you are talking badly about someone else because you don't care for them, that's bullying. You're using their name in a negative way which most likely will come back to them.

It's awful how much bullying has increased. I think back to learning in school about how all of these different countries fought wars because they weren't from the same background. Then it was whites and blacks. Gays/straights. It'll never end. You would think in a world with so much to offer we would spend our time enjoying life than making it hell for others. I'm so sad seeing all of these headlines in the news, young kids committing suicide because of others ambushing them, posting slander, harassing them. It's unbearable but the best thing we can do is spread love, surround ourselves with good people who have the same morals as you do.

There's no one particular person who made my life hell but I think back to one of the worst years of my life. Back in Middle School and a few people who liked picking on other people. It always started as 'harmless' pranks or jokes but their intentions were anything but nice. Someone always ended up hurt. I knew about something they were going to do to a girl so I let her know to save her the pain. Of course it came back to me and I ended up getting harassed. I remember pretending to be sick for almost 2 weeks just to avoid going to school, hoping that by the time I came back they would forget about it. It was awful and I cried everyday. The whispering, the eveil looks. That's bullying believe it or not and those few people smiled everytime they saw my eyes fill up with water. I even got to the point where I was pleading and apologizing to them. I look back and now being much stronger than I was then cannot believe I did that. People can be so evil.

With every bad experience we have there's so much we learn from it. Believe me when I saw those few people I never considered friends even though as years passed they were always nice to me. I don't need people like that in my life when I have so many wonderful people who are genuine and truly care about others feelings. I just hope people grow up and learn from their past as I did.

I love you all.