Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My New Challenge?!

Well.. hello neighbor..

I'm creating a challenge that I hope others enjoy as well. I'm super psyched as I feel it could change my life. Are you on the edge of your seat.. waiting to read what the challenge will be? I have trouble letting go and throwing things out. It's funny though because I love change, does that make any sense to you? I move furniture around alot, really, ask Charlie. I change my clothes too many times a day, really, ask my sister and Mom. I'm not a hoarder though, not even sure if I spelt that right. I do save alot though, cards, letters, emails, clothes, makeup, old shoes that I never wear, hair products, lotions (I'm currently looking around trying to think of other examples).. I think you get my drift. I guess I wouldn't call myself a collector, just never throw anything away unless they're gone.

So what is my challenge? Did you figure it out? I'm pretty sure I summed it all up. Here is my next journey which I will start tomorrow and still continue the 30 Days of Truth, of course!

Each day I will let something go. It could be an item I will throw away, give away, ridding bad habits or weaknesses. In a way I'll be letting go, simplifying and moving on. I'm so excited. I think my life will feel lighter, that's my goal atleast!

Wish me luck and enjoy the ride.

Love you all,