Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Drifting apart sounds so sad and depressing. Reading the title of Day 9 made my eyes a little watery, I'm not going to lie. I even avoided this topic for a few days. Life is real, friendships are real, falling apart happens.. even if we try with everything we've got. Everyone has those friends, maybe a group, or a few.. even just one. Those friends that knew everything about you, you could be silly with, confide in, cry with and just be yourself with.

There are different stages in life as with school and after.. elementary, junior high, high school, college, work.. If you look at pictures during those times do you find yourself laughing thinking, "Wow, I looked like that? Look at my hair! Look what I'm wearing!" It was a different time. Look at those pictures again and who you're sitting next to. Was it a Birthday party with a group of girls/guys that you barely see anymore? Some you may scratch your head wondering where are they now. That's life and it was different then.

We take so much with us during these parts of life. Perhaps, we learned not to bleach our hair, or follow a ridiculous trend or specific groups of people in general. We also learn from all the wonderful friends we had.

I have special friends and family in my life that I still talk to but unfortunately never see. There's also those I still care about that I don't hear from anymore. I'll always hold them close to my heart because the person I am, they are partly responsible for. I had a friend that taught me that complimenting people makes them happy and smile. I love seeing those reactions. I also learned alot about myself that it's okay to sing, dance and be myself no matter who I'm with. That you can go to the store, try on clothes just to try them on and not buy a thing. That pictures are so important in life and there began my passion for photography. I had artistic friends that inspired my throughout High School that I love so much.

So I sit here writing this all for anyone to read. There's not just one person that I drifted from but instead various parts of my life that pushed me to grow. I look at these last few lines and think how strong I am. Honestly, I'm not. My heart definitely hurts a little thinking back to some great times with such awesome people, but it's happy pain if that makes sense. It hurts because I know it was real and it helped make me who I am.

So thank you to those special people in my life. You all know who you are.

Love you all,