Sunday, October 24, 2010

Off the Track and a Little off Topic


It's Sunday night and my eyes are getting heavy which is a great sign. Since I've been out of work for a whole 2 weeks my sleep pattern has been off completely. I'm up all night completely uncomfortable and wide awake while my body is exhausted during the day. I was panicking a little thinking of this night wondering will I be able to sleep? Or perhaps, I'll be up and having trouble keeping my eyes open at work. That would be just awful. I think I'll be okay.

I wanted to take a little hiatus from my 30 Days of Truth. I did however want to get feedback to see what people thought of it the concept and perhaps what I've written. Do you enjoy reading this different topics and what my answers have been? Do you disagree/dislike anything or learned anything new? It doesn't have to be from me, but maybe it gave you the chance to ask yourself things too?

I've personally really enjoyed doing this as I'm halfway through and see all that I've accomplished. I'm looking forward to my next challenge once I'm done with this that my lovely friend is doing. I don't read ahead so I never know what I'll have to answer next, keeping it a little exciting that way!

Being home these past few weeks I've done nothing but sleep, move around, cough, take medicines, drink water, put layers of clothes on then remove to avoid sweats and chills. Also, I've been able to bond with Peanut so much more and spend some time with my kitties that I think have been neglected since we got the puppy. I haven't worn any makeup which believe me I never leave the house without. I got used to looking in the mirror and seeing my skin and the colour I lost from being sick. I have been able to really see myself in a different light. It sounds scary, it is scary. I've also seen some of the most ridiculous shows that I never knew existed because again I haven't had much of a life.

Thanks for reading all my random thoughts. Love you all and have a fabulous week!

Love always,