Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not My Cup of Tea

I have not felt this sick in so long. It's 'The Flu'. I don't even feel it deserves to have a 'The' before it's name. That shows power, power you deserve. Kind of like .. The King.. The Zoo.. The Love of Your Life. You know what I mean? My couch has been my home for the last week +. I'm pretty sure my body shape has now been formed within the cushions. Peanut has been my buddy, licking my nose, face and keeping me warm. When I'm uncomfortable I watch his belly breathing, moving up and down and it seems to relax me. Thanks Peanut baby for being so cute and not take up so much room as Charlie would have had he have laid on the couch with me.

So this stupid sickness. I didn't realize it was out so soon but then again it's always floating around in the air, crawling on door knobs. I tell people that if you're sick stay home or start taking stuff ahead of time. I stayed home but I didn't take care of myself as well as I should have.

In case you're wondering if you have the flu, I'm not a Dr but these are all the symptoms I've had which I guess are enough to have the flu.

*It started with a sore throat but no congestion at all, just post nasal drip and a little runny nose. I was never really stuffed up.
*I've been really weak. To the point I walk around a little and I'm lightheaded and need to sit down.
*Chills and sweats. I get cold where I'm shaking and then get hot where I sweat. Fevers too. Get a thermometer to check yourself whenever you feel you're not normal.
*Which leads to my fever dreams. Ever get those? Of course I didn't mention this to the Dr lol, but I've had such crazy fever dreams.
*Everything hurts, my joints hurt, legs, feet, knees, arms, neck, back, you name it. It's all aching.
*I have a cough, a really dry cough where nothing seems to be loosening up. My chest hurts everytime I cough and once I start I can't stop until I gag. I didn't realize but I have bacteria in my lungs which is also bronchial per the Dr.
*My head hurts and feels like someone shoved a balloon inside and blows it up when they are bored which is often.
*I've been nauseous and definitely had my share of getting sick over the last week.
*I'm extremely uncomfortable in my body. I lay down in one place and get up and sit in another, then back and forth.
*I look in the mirror and it's not me.

If you have any of these symptoms, again I'm not a Dr but I recommend you go see one!

Thanks for listening to me complaining, lol :)