Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

I'm sitting here with no makeup on so when I say I'm being as real as possible, I mean it. Pretending I'm in a courtroom on the stand being asked this same question..

Prosecutor "Miss Broderick, do you read books"
ME "Uhm.. well.. I mean.. yes.. no.."
Prosecutor "Please answer the question.. do you read books?"
ME "Yes, but I really only read one author..Mitch Albom"

Then you hear gasping in the courtroom as the Judge yells 'ORDER' and slams the stupid hammer looking device. Sidenote, those are like weapons and shouldn't be allowed.

Prosecutor "You're not very open to other authors I see.."
My attorney then steps in to say.. "Objection.. that's not a question.."
Prosecutor "Okay, please tell everyone your favorite book from this here Mitch Albom?"

At this point a sad song would come on. Maybe a Beatles tune... "The long and winding road..."

ME "The Five People You Meet In Heaven is the title...It's taking a look at those who made a difference in your life. We cross paths with people everyday and don't put much thought into what role they may be playing. Here's a book about an elderly man who dies after trying to save someone's life. He then goes on a journey in what people could consider as the after life. He's greeted by 5 people that were apart of his life at some point and made a difference. He learns how they changed his life and vice versa. It's amazing and these are the things people take for granted. We take for granted all of these great, genuine people who have maybe hurt us, loved us, either way they've helped us get to where we are. Turning it around we do so much for others. It's amazing..."

The end. This is where the courtroom applauds and the Judge gives up.

:) Love you all!