Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

I don't want to be pesimistic but it seems no matter how much time passes there is always something that strikes the Media like lightening bolt. It's in the headlines, takes over the TV, ends up in schools and then before you know it people are upset about something. There's always something right?

I'm lucky to have grown up with a diverse family. My relatives all have different personalities. I had friends from different cultures. The greatest appreciation I have though is being surrounded by such open minded, loving, free spirited people. My friends became family, their parents became my parents. I learned so much from different groups of people so there was no time to judge or dislike anyone around me when I was raised to love and embrace friendships.

With all of that said I feel that no matter what color, ethnicity, shape, size, sex... someone is love does not care. Your heart can't see it only feels. It should make no different who you love. Anyone who cares about you will be happy no matter what because that's what we do when we love someone. We support one another.

I think it's pretty obvious my views on gay marriage. I don't even like saying that because I don't think it should be titled any differently. But unfortunately this is the world we live in and a label is put on everything, right? I support it because I praise love and devotion.

Anyone who has a problem with this topic I think needs to take a little journey and get to know yourself a little more. I hope that doesn't come out mean. I just feel that we lived in this crazy society where normal is misconstrued. Times are changing and people have to learn to stop judging others and appreciate what opportunities are out there and the idea of change is a good thing.

I love you all and goodnight :)