Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Before writing about what is above I'd like to take a step back for a moment. The purpose behind my blog is.. to have a purpose.. to have value if that makes sense. I want this to be expression of me, my heart and mind. It takes alot to write about yourself if you haven't just take my word for it. If I'm putting all of me out there, as they say I'm an open book. Whatever the topic that I'm discussing I just hope that someone out there can relate or finds comforting in my writing, can teach me or others about something similar they went through and how to made it out standing on both feet. With that said.. let me continue what I'm here to accomplish today on Day 19.

I laughed when I saw this. For those who know me pretty well which is most likely anyone reading this.. knows that my LEAST favorite discussion is Politics. Religion, well I just avoid that at all costs if I can. I'm now sulking here a little on the couch wishing I could hit a random button and something new will pop up to write about. I've been slacking quite a few days and I suppose.. this is my punishment. Sure won't do that again!

Just a heads up because I don't plan what the next sentence is, it just pops into my mind and I type away. Of course if it's too much I'll go back and remove whatever shouldn't be there. I never mean to offend anyone. This is me being me, honest and open, just sharing my own opinion. I don't criticize or judge anyone for their beliefs or views so always keep that in the back of your mind when you're reading someone's thoughts on what could always be controversial subjects.

Religion why not start with this one? Do I believe in God? You would really need to define that. I believe there's some type of greater being out there. I don't feel that 'being' is a person who lived long ago, died and rose again. At one point in my life earlier on I did believe that. I read many, many stories in The Bible and went to catechism, had my confirmation and sat in the pew every Sunday for almost 15 years. I had also belonged to a Youth Group in High School which helped me get through some tough times and I met amazing people along the way. With that said I thank my parents raising me Catholic and pushing me into some programs I wasn't looking forward to. I had great experiences, that's a book in itself.

Why did I believe in God and why did I stop? I could say I was angry with God after praying every night when both my grandmother's were dying with Cancer. Praying, begging and crying every night for them to live and rid them of the pain. It's true, I did that. I could also say I was angry when a family member of mine was going through the hardest time of her life and didn't deserve any of it, but for some reason horrible things happened to her. It's true too.. I can't tell you when it happened, what the last piece of not believing in God happened.. but I do remember my feelings and my opinion on it all. I realize that I used God as a crutch. When good things happened I thanked God and when things went wrong he got the bad end of the stick. I didn't handle my belief the way I should have. We all need to believe in something that gets us through tough times. That just wasn't the right road for me. I didn't need to go to church everyweek to pray to someone that I couldn't understand. I can pray to my family and friends who have passed and I feel even closer to them. I've found what I believe in and it's Love. That's my belief, it gets me through everything. I could talk more on that topic another day..

Politics. I'm keeping this short and simple, real short and simple. I feel Politics is a cult, awful I know! It's all about brainwashing and wanting everyone to support the Government and the decisions they make. Pay taxes on everything, okay! Then someone comes up to say hey, vote for me and we'll knock down the taxes on this.. or that.. well it'll never happen. Politicians are just a nice face to throw up on billboards and the boob tube. They don't make the decisions or even write their speeches. I'm not a register voter, did you know that? That's how much I despise politics. I have every right to vote and that's great. When I start believing in what these people have to offer us, then I'll register.

Love you all and hope you understand this is all just my feelings :)