Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Only 10 days left of this here 30 Days of Truth. Don't get all bent out of shape, there's plenty of more to come after the 30 days are over, believe me.. you. I never understood what that meant.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.. that's what the title of this one should have been. I feel like spraying pink flakey coloring in my hair, spiking it to no end, throwing on my leather pants (no worries Mom, I don't own any), high boots, jean jacket with holes and then jamming on my air guitar. Of course I would need a cigarette and maybe a flask in my half ripped pocket on the jacket. Can't forget about the bright red lipstick and mascara running down my face. Have that picture yet? That's not me and never will be.

Do I drink? Occasionally. Alcoholism is in my blood so it's definitely something that I will always keep one eye on. I enjoy wine, not everyday and not necessarily every week. When we go out to the bars which is very rare these days I could knock a few malibu with pineapple juice back, yes that's my drink of choice. I don't feel someone needs to drink everyday. Do a google search on alcohol and your liver, because that'll pretty much explain it in a nutshell. I've seen what alcohol has done to some truly amazing people in my life. I've always heard what it's done to people I never had the chance to meet. I always ask everyone.. becareful. That's all. I know that saying 'know your limit', don't shrug it off. Figure out your limit before you have the chance to lose control because it can and will happen.

Drugs? Not for me. Again, I've seen what that can do to people. Drugs took away really loving people. I know that everyone makes their own choices in life, but when something has a hold on you so tight, it covers your eyes and you're helpless. Drugs can do that to someone. Again.. just becareful.

I can't tell anyone what to do or not to do. We all make our own choices in life, whether it's just experimenting and knowing that's your limit. Then there's others that let these addictions become a part of their everyday life in which they are no longer living it.

We have so much in front of us that life is putting on the table. All these opportunities, love, children, jobs, homes, nature, animals, etc etc. There is so much out that and you can believe it or not pick any of those, focus on it and go for it. It's that easy as long as you keep an openmind. What I don't understand is that when all of these remarkable things are offered to us, why choose the poison? Once you choose that poison it's like a trick, it then removes all those options that you had before leaving you with nothing. So I guess all I can say is put some more thought into it before choosing the poison and if you already did.. think if that's what you still want.

I love you all. :)