Sunday, November 21, 2010

Write a blog, share a blog & be friends!

Aloha and Happy Sunday to everyone out there! I'm  fairly new in the world of blog hopping.  I love it though and have come across some other very inspiring, fun and amazing writers. I wanted to share what I have found. It's pretty interesting knowing that there is someone (could be many) that relates to you in someway. I have gotten feedback from so many people that share some of the same passions and interests as I do or just enjoy reading what I put out there. I'd like to consider myself a very open person yet it does take alot to write some of the things I have share. I wanted to take a few moments to share with you old and new friends that like to write as well. Something may spark an interest and perhaps bring you together!

One of my best friends began a blog as she is a new to being a mom and quite the FABULOUS mommy she is! She shares experiences and also looks for feedback from others who are parents to help her learn along the way. If you are a parent or will become a parent shimmy on over there because she always has fun posts. You may take something from it or else help contribute to the world of being a parent!

Another very wonderful friend of mine is truly inspiring. The 30 Days of Truth that I have been working on the last few months was all because she started it. She's full of life with a beautiful soul. If you enjoy my blog I think you will also love what she writes about to. Take a peak!

One of my lovely friends who lives on the west coast has a gorgeous blog that shows off some cute fashion ideas. She includes great detail from the cost of shoes to accessories as well makeup ideas. You'll love it!

Below are some of my new friends I"ve discovered or they have found me! I'm still learning alot about them through their writings and truly enjoy everything so far. If you can please take some time to show support!! :) *Amazing parents and their stories. *An inspiring, happy & outgoing writer! *Save $$ *Fabulous gift ideas! *Inspiring! *Cute pictures and stories!  *She always has such beautiful quotes! *After reading you will want to buy a plane ticket! *If you enjoy shopping, check her out! *Living & Loving! *Mommy life! *Always yummy ideas and pictures! *Great way to learn about the blogworld, share and make friends! *Great decorative ideas!

I will continue to add to this list so please leave a comment if you're a new follower with your site! :)

Love always always alwaaaays!