Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

I was just discussing yesterday how two of my best friends are going to have babies. The idea of a new life, the circle of life is really comforting. There's so much more out there than what we see in our day to day life. A baby brings so much more to the world, opens our eyes and in a way forces us to jump at new opportunities. I love children and look forward to helping my friends and being there for them as they raise their little ones. I hope that my sister and Charlie's siblings have many kids as well so I can spoil the heck out of them. The best of course is buying those little booties, stylish clothes, funny shirts with the slogan "I get my good looks from Grandpa", you know exactly which ones I'm talking about! It'll be great to have a beach day and teach them to make turtle sculptures out of sand, my favorite thing!

With all of that said, yes I was dancing around the question. What if I were pregnant? Well, if I was I would be very scared I'm sure as well happy. There should be no negative feeling when it comes to a baby as they are so innocent and they didn't plan for the mama's to get pregnant. Then again, I feel everything happens for a reason. What would I do? I would be the best Mom I know how. I would love my baby just as much as I have shown love to those around and of course much more!

My question to myself which I know the answer to is, do I want kids? The answer is no. That has shocked quite a few people in my life as I love, love love kids! I worked at camps for the majority of my teen-adult life. From ages 3-12 the kids ranged and brightened my summers. I learned so much from them as I taught them Arts and Crafts, how to play dodgeball, being nice to others and how it hurts others feelings by laughing at them. I taught tennis, and how to tie their shoes. Some I helped with reading and showed them how to colour in between the lines. We sang songs and they learned to take turns going down on the slide. I've had to bandage them up and tell them cool and funny stories while I had to pour peroxide on them praying they wouldn't cry.

I truly believe I would make a wonderful mom someday but at this time I have no desire. I'm in love with love (Charlie) and my place in life is being with him and teaching each other every day, sharing and being there for one another. When we find the time together we go on little trips and laugh, listen to music. It's been like this for over 9 years and I'm happy where I am. That's not to say if ever I did get pregnant I wouldn't be happy, I would because that would be how our lives are destined for.

There's my story. Love you all!