Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

The day has come. I began the 30 Days of Truth in October thinking I would complete it before Halloween. If you are taking a peak at your calendars, I know.. Halloween was a little time ago. I really enjoyed this adventure as I tried extending it as long as possible. It's time though to put it away and close this chapter. I challenge anyone to try this. I have a link at the top of the page listing each day and what you need to write about. I recommend not reading all of the days and if you are willing to be open with yourself and others, go for it. You can also try it on your own and do not share with others. Either way, I promise it's very therapeutic. You will learn about yourself. You'll open up some memories you tried to keep hidden but sometimes you need those reminders to beable to move on. I've worked with myself to get past some tough obstacles just by writing. I honestly, recommend anyone to try it. If you do decide to take on the challenge and need help please let me know!

Dear Katie,

I do love you even though I'm  constantly criticizing your little flaws. They are indeed what makes you, you. Your freckles are perfectly resting in various spots on your face and arms, legs and shoulders.. I love your green eyes and the freckles that made their way there as well. You are Irish so be proud of that as your ancestors were. So you're small, I love that too. Maybe you can't reach the top shelves in the cabinets and still need to climb on the counters. So what if you have to jump up in the aisles at the stores to knock something down with everyone looking, you do it so gracefully! That's why they make heels. You take after your Memere with her petite size, that's a gift. I love how you cry when you're watching the news and a sad report is being broadcasted. You have a big heart and clearly can care about anyone even if you don't know them. I love your soul and how you give everything you have to try to make others happy and hope that your inspiration can help turn their lives around. I love that you smile at strangers and it makes your day when they return the gesture. I love that you hug everyone you know as well new people you meet. I know that started because you have an akward handshake and don't feel that's personal, it's okay. Hugs make a a true difference. I love how open you are because just by expressing some feelings or a few stories you have brought people together that feel the same way. It makes others feel it's okay to think the way they do or an excuse to cry or laugh when others may not feel it's the right time. I love your patience with others. Too often people are waiting in line huffing and puffing because someone is taking too long. It's okay to take a deep breath and take your time in life, why rush it? The end result of life is not fun and patience is the key to being happy.

I love so many things about you so I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart that when we look in the mirror my first thoughts are negative. I will continue to skip that step and to focus on all the beautiful qualities inside and out that you possess.

Goodbye 30 Days of Truth, until we meet again. I would like to try this in a few years to see what has changed from when I began this journey!

Yours truly
Katie ;)