Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is it okay to be selfish sometimes?

I worry too much. There, I said it. The question I asked myself today is.. 'What am I worried about?' The answer was ...everyone else. I realized that I need to worry about me. Yes I sure did say the me word. The word we always shy away from because we don't want to sound too conceited patting ourselves on the back, or bragging about something we accomplished or causing anyone stress venting about our problems. It's become so frowned upon. Others judge us when we talk about ourselves so instead we don't and what happens? We spend our lives talking about others, worrying about them, getting too involved in their personal lives that we neglect the one most important person in our individual lives, ourselves. Or you can say out loud ME!

I ignore compliments because I'm too insecure with myself so I think others are just being nice. In a way maybe I don't want to believe the compliments because then someone will think it'll go to my head or I'm not deserving of having such nice qualities. Either way, I'm ready to focus on me. Before I can carry others burdens and worry about them I have to go back to my roots. I put an actual list together because I felt like writing with a red marker on Christmas paper. Call me sappy and in the spirit ;) I wanted to share this with everyone because it felt so good to sit down and think only about myself. Maybe it'll help you too! I know it's a small list, believe me I have so much going on with me but I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts.

I think it's okay to be selfish. I never really said that before, but I honestly think it's true. We can't take on too much because we have too much of our own burdens we're carrying that probably weigh a ton! I hope you take time this week to worry about YOU (me) ;) !

Love always,