Monday, November 22, 2010

Would you like to dance around the world with me..

I'm sure that all of you have either been in love, are in love or will be in love. Actually there can be an'and/or' instead of the lonely 'or' in that first sentence. Some people fall in love easily while others are very hesitant, either way the end result is love.. which happens to be my favorite word!

I can't tell you the exact year, trust me.. it's something I should know but I don't. I would have to say 13 yrs ago is when this all began. I was in my room in the fall with the windows opened. In my mind remembering the time I was cleaning but for most people who know me I hate cleaning.. so we'll just say I was listening to music and taking in the fresh air ;) I heard a car driving down the road and looked out the window to see it park directly in front of our house. We lived in a split family house and my Aunt/Uncle and little cousin lived next door. I never saw that car before so of course I was interested to see who it was and where they were going. I laid on my bed and pulled my curtains down to be a little more sneaky. Of course the other window still had the blinds up but that wasn't something that even came to my mind.

There the door opens and this guy gets out who I never saw before. He turns around facing his car, shutting the door and looking at the house. I could feel my eyes getting wider when I saw this gorgeous guy looking at MY house? Who was he here for? Me? Is this a present for me? My heart was racing because I never saw someone so beautiful. He began to walk towards the driveway, I ran downstairs so fast that I remember almost slipping halfway down. I peaked out the window in my dining room thinking he would come in the front porch but I could see his head through the window going towards the back. I then ran to the back door hunched over hoping he wouldn't see me. He walked up on the back porch and of course... he was knocking on the door next door. I had to get a closer look so I peeled up the curtain praying he wouldn't see me. I remember my hand was shaking. He was even more beautiful up close than what I saw from my bedroom window. This guy had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen and then.. he smiled. Oh, sadly it wasn't at me. Clearly, someone opened the door at my Uncle's house but I saw him smile.

From that day on I would ask about this mystery guy and come to find out he worked with my Uncle. They became best friends and this guy spent many evenings at next door. He eventually got to know the family and showed up at gatherings. A few years later this guy asked me out on a date, it was my 17th Birthday. We've been dating since. Oh how I love Charlie, the beautiful blue eyed and most intelligent man I know.

I love this man <3