Saturday, November 27, 2010

"It only takes 5 minutes.."

Yesterday I spent time with some wonderful people. Two women who are very inspirational to me that I see everyday at work and then I got to catch up with a beautiful friend of mine that means the world to me and I feel she understands certain things about my life that others don't. Overall, it was a great day that I am sitting comfortable knowing it happened.

There was a discussion earlier yesterday with one of my friends about talking on the telephone. It made me think back to when I was in High School. I could talk on the phone everyday all day. I honestly couldn't imagine what things I had to keep a conversation going as I've grown I feel I don't have anything interesting to say on the telephone. I'm not sure when it stopped but at some point the phone became my enemy and I slowly fell into 'the evil trap'.

'The evil trap'.. I like to consider when you stop returning phone calls, you avoid picking up the phone, you promise to call and never do, you don't just out of the blue call people because you're thinking of them. Now I know this sounds awful and I know I'm not an awful person. I just started living this life where the phone was my enemy, no idea why and I can't for the life of me figure out how it started. Either way I feel I lost touch with wonderful friends in my life all because I didn't return phone calls and that's not a good thing at all.

I feel that over the last year I got better, maybe it's because I no longer work in a Call Center (yikes) where I was getting verbally abused day after day. I can't use that as an excuse because 'the evil trap' was happening prior to my job.

So going back to the conversation with my dear friend yesterday. She has such a great heart and cares about everyone around her and worries and loves with all she has. She was telling us how she could be in the middle chores, vaccumming, cleaning, and when someone pops into her head that she hasn't talked to in the while she thinks to herself.. I can take 5 minutes just to pick up the phone, call them and see how they're doing. That hit me hard, really hard. I know that I have 5 minutes several times throughout my day to pick up the phone and return a call or just reach out to a family or friend I may have lost touch with. It could makes someone's day, right?

Why be so scared of the telephone? I don't know, I really don't. I can say that I am going to overcome looking at 'the evil trap' as some obstacle that I just rather avoid. Not anymore, I'm going to be better and when I think of someone I'll then ask myself... "can I just take 5 minutes to call them up to let them know that I'm thinking of them and ask how they're doing?" We all have 5 minutes.. If you think of the life we've lived and all those wasted minutes of sitting in front of the tube (guilty) or walking around the kitchen trying to find something to eat.. maybe walking the dog.. You could call up someone you love.

Here's to taking 5 minutes...... ;)

Love you all,
Kate xoxo

I had to update this post after a friend of mine shared a song with me that she said my post reminded her of. I never heard the song before and it gave my chills. If you are looking to listen to a beautiful, inspiring, cute country tune watch this.... The Call - Matt Kennon