Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

Alot of these topics seems so much alike. When I start thinking about what to write it's like deja vu, so I apologize if I bore you at all and it's old news. Ah, regrets and more regrets. Whether it's something I didn't do, had done and wish I didn't.. it all falls under the same category. Anyway, I'm going to spice things up. Here is something that I wish had I done in which you'll see the outcome.

Throughout High School there was a particular Art College I dreamt about going to in California. Did my research and was in love. That was my plan, had everything I needed to know about it as well the area around the school. Did it happen? No. Do I regret it? Absolutely, but a few things would never had happened if I had gone in particular order...

...Charlie and I may not be together. My heart would not belong to him.
...Nevan would not be ours. He may very well had been alive but he would have a tacky name and perhaps living with a little old woman who rolls over him with her walker.
...We would not have bought our beautiful house. Matter of fact I may have come home to visit and never once had even driven down this road we live on.
...I would not have gotten my first (and only, for now) tattoo with Tracy when we were 19. It was a really cool experience and I love her for talking me into it.
...I would not have worked in all the places I have since I graduated. They may not have all been so great but I met pretty cool people and learned tons along the way.
...Most likely the surgeries I had would still have existed but I would have been away from my family and friends and dealing with it alone.
...There have been some close people I've lost in the last 8 yrs and not quite sure how distance would have effected being there for my loved ones.
...I reunited with friends that I lost touch with immediately after I graduated from High School that I consider my best friends. Perhaps had I have lived in California I would not have seen them until we had reunions and even then we may not have too much to talk about.
...Buying my Boy Blue, which is my car. He's a beaut and I'm very proud of my baby.

I think you get my drift :) I could name tons of memories and things that wouldn't have happened HAD I have done something in my life that I didn't do. Naturally, my life has played out pretty good. I can smile at where I am in this moment and satisfied.

Love you all,