Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That's why they call it the Blues.. Jeans that is..

10/27/10: Stopped biting my nails. The most disgusting habit which I've lived with since I was born, I think. And yes, I really stopped. They're still tiny and petite but they'll grow.
10/28/10: Have not had a sip of soda. Believe me though, I'm craving the fizz and pretty sure I have the shakes. Haha, is that possible? I miss Dr. Pepper.. we were like this... (that's the part where you cross your fingers)

I may have skipped a few days, because, well it was the weekend. Another excuse is I've been too tired. It was Halloween and had to buy candy (that takes a few days you know?). Well, I'm back and what will we be marking today as in my history?

... drum roll...
11/02/10: Sadly, on a day like today my favorite pair of jeans is no longer with us. They've had a hole in them for quite some time, it's not able to be fixed. I've been wearing them and just manage to find long shirts to cover up the hole. The last thing I need is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, drop a pen, tie my shoe (not that I wear any shoes with laces) but you get my drift. Then boom, everyone sees the hole, it would be awful and I would be devestated. I rather remember my jeans for all the good times we had together and not ending it after a horrible situation like the ones I invisioned each time I put those on.

I wrote down all of the information from the tag in hopes to locate another pair in my size out there. The store I purchased them from no longer carry them and were not much help when I asked how to track them down. Wish me luck on my journey to find the same pair of jeans. Rest assure when I find them I will buy a few pairs.

Goodbye my sweet friend, you made every outfit complete.

With love,
The keeper of the best jeans that ever existed.