Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Cat with 20 lives..

I was sitting here thinking up all the things I'm thankful for at this point in my life and believe me there are so many. I do however have to step back and think of this past year and what we almost lost but didn't. Let's go even further back before I go on. When Charlie and I were looking for an apartment 5 years ago we discussed our future and of course I brought up 'Peanut' (who only existed in thought at the time). We talked about not getting a dog while we were going to live an apartment and I was okay with that. We found an apartment that we would move in on New Year's Eve. Yes, we moved into our house on Halloween, we're big on making changes on the Holidays ;) .. My Aunt contacted us telling us how she found these two newborn kitties in her yard of all days during a snowstorm. She took them in and asked if we wanted one. Charlie and I thought about it and turned down the offer. We just weren't into having a cat.

We then went over there to fix her computer. Well not 'we'.. when I say we.. I mean Charlie was fixing the computer while I just sat playing with the two kittens. Immediately, I was drawn to the one with the round belly and pointy tail. I fell in love, so did Charlie. My Aunt asked again if we were sure we didn't want a cat and our opinion of the idea changed. We decided to take the cute little one with the round belly.. and pointy tail. We then began the new adventure of living together for the first time in our apartment with our kitty which we named, Nevan (meaning: Holy little Saint). He became our baby, sleeping in between us every night more like a puppy than a cat. Everyone who has met Nevan tend to say "I'm not a cat person but if I could have one I'd want my cat to be just like Nevan'.. he's quite the little man.

Last June I went down to NC on my own to visit one of my best friends. It was a great trip. I returned a Sunday night to find Nevan in the bathtub very sick. Charlie and I the next day brought him to the vet in which they said he had a bladder infection and it could get pretty bad. They sent us on our way (with Nevan) and medicines. Needless to say over the next 24 hrs Nevan got worse. Come to find out he had a blockage in which his blood got poisoned from the infection. It was awful. We were standing in the room at the Vet while they immediately scooped Nevan from us rushing him in the backroom. Yes, it was that dramatic. We remained there for quite a while very emotional not knowing what was going on. They explained that he was in critical condition, everything was dropping, and at this point in tim e they were just going to make him as comfortable as possible. I couldn't stop crying, Charlie just held me. Not our baby, he's only 4 years old.. He's still young, we're not supposed to be making this decision now.

Nevan was quite the fighter, the Vet was shocked to go back to see his heartbeat coming back slowly to normal. Long story short he survived. Here's a few pictures of our big baby. It's now November and he's doing so well!

Visiting Nevan at the ER where he was for 4 days.

Nevan after a bath. He's gotten used to them!

No idea about the flashlight!

My favorite photo of him.

Nevan and Minnie, love bugs.

I am thankful for Nevan holding on and making it through a near death experience! He knows he has too good of a thing here to give it up :)

Love you all,