Monday, November 22, 2010

A little touch of love for the Holidays

I want to decorate for Christmas.. right now :) I'd love Charlie to pull out the Christmas tree and we'll dazzle it all up. I'm itching for decor around our home. The other day at the store I bought some Holiday ribbon. I had an idea of just adding a few touches of my favorite Holiday to help ease my way into the season. Here are some pictures. It's a great idea if you wanted to do a few small decorations that cost very, very little. You may even have old ribbon.. golds, greens, blues, reds and/or whites! Maybe you even having pretty old wrapping paper that you can wrap the pictures on the walls with and add a bow. You can wrap up a few end tables. Hope you like my pretty flare I added to our Living Room today!

I bought only a few colours of ribbon

 I took the ribbon and wrapped it around a marker, because it's wired ribbon. You could use anything.  (Hey check those nails!! Someone stopped biting them... hint hint)
I wrapped the ribbon around the vase with faux flowers ;)

 Adding a little Christmas flare to the kitchen ;)
 More vases!
 The touch of candles and ribbon on the coffee table. I just slid the ends under the glass.
If you don't like candles because of the smell, buy some unscented tealights!
A little extras ;)

I of course have much more decorating to you but I'm definitely pumped for the Holidays!

Love you all,