Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh you little consistent Traditions!

Happy Black Friday! Very happy to announce that I am cozy in bed still at 10:00 in the morning and did not venture out to the 'unknown world' today. I do admire how daring many of you are that put together a game plan and got in and out pretty smoothly. Hope you all got some great sales!

I wanted to talk about Traditions: a long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting. It's that time of year and prior to yesterday I'm sure everyone was running around trying to visit or put together meals that they have year after year. I always felt Holidays were set in stone, the same thing, almost like a happy curse that cannot be broken. However, as life changes we change and unfortunately wait for it... traditions do as well. 

There could be certain events that cause traditions to change. Just to name a few.. divorces, feuds, people moving away, breakups, deaths and illnesses. It's not necessary good reasons why traditions change but what comes of the change can be positive. Remember that change is not a terrible thing! I've learned to embrace change as hard as it's been for me because I know that I can't stop it. We can't have control over everything out there especially people.

Christmas is my favorite Holiday, hands down. When I look back to the earliest memories of my life Christmas was so beautiful filled with so much family my grandparents especially. Once they passed on it seemed that people try so hard to keep the tradition alive but it's not the same. I know that in years to come what once was a regular tradition will have slowly dwindled away and a new tradition will be. I'm finally okay with that. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. My mom has cooked everywhere since I could remember and she always makes a beautiful meal and puts her all into it. This year she left her oven off and we shared a lunch with my sister's boyfriends family. They are very loving, welcoming and we felt like family with them. We then made our way to my boyfriend's sister's house who had her first Thanksgiving in her new, unbelievably gorgeous home! We of course were welcomed by their family as well. Perhaps, we'll be doing the same thing next year or maybe have it at our house. Either way, it was a new tradition and we drove home last night talking about the wonderful people we met and how great of a day we had. 

"The key to change is to let go of fear" I know we want things to be the same because some memories can be so amazing that we may feel that things will go to hell if they change. I do believe everything happens for a reason. Be open to change and don't worry if things aren't panning out the way you feel they should. It'll be okay.

With all my love,