Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movies sure can move you..

It's a Saturday night and I'm completely content with staying in while cuddling up with the pup on the couch, glass of wine, favorite chips, warm blanket and of course one of my favorite movies of all time.. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Oh how I love this movie, Cat, the crazy, rich and drunk men that Audrey Hepburn meets, Mickey Rooney yelling like a mad man and the ever so handsome George Peppard! There's so much about this flick that I have just fallen in love with over and over each time I watch it. Audrey Hepburn is so classy and elegant and I admire her. She always reminded me of my Memere, who was petite, beautiful and as well very elegant.. in my eyes.

My other top favorites are .. Standby Me and It's a Wonderful Life. Do you have a favorite that has inspired you in some way? Perhaps, there is some significance in the movie maybe because of where you were in your life when you watched it or with a special person?

There is this movie that I always loved which means alot to me. I would not consider it as one of my favorites but it fits into the category of where I was at the time I watched it. It may sound silly but 'The Little Mermaid' was it. When I was young.. and when I say young I mean 5-6 years old my Papa who I've mentioned in previous entires was diagnosed with cancer but we were able to have him in our lives a little longer than they expected. One night in the summer my sister and I were laying in our living room watching 'The Littler Mermaid'. I remember laying on the smaller couch and my sister on the other. I always sang along and of course those were always my favorite parts. The lights were off in the room as we were glued to the brightness coming out of the Sony television. All of a sudden there were lights coming from outside the window. We had a neighbor across the street, this old man who sadly was consistently having medical problems in which we both just assumed there was an ambulance for him. As time went by my father came over from next door to let us know that Papa had passed away. I remember that moment so clearly as we both threw our faces into his stomach and cried while trying to breathe. It was the first death I truly could understand.. I was young but old enough to understand death means you will never come back again. We knew he was sick and that his last few weeks he was getting weaker but it was extremely hard.

The next thing I knew my mom told my sister and I to run upstairs and put our bathing suits on, we were both confused. One of my best friend's Mom, who was a second Mom to me.. they lived only a few houses down and had a pool. She walked over that night and brought both me and my sister to her house and we swam in her pool. I remember having the floatees on as I was a terrible swimmer. I remember crying in the water but how quiet it was outside. Joey just watched us and after a while I stopped crying, we both stopped crying. I remember there was a point that I was swimming and smiling. Joey is a special woman and I hope you're reading this because you played a huge part in that time of my life.

It's the little things in life that we appreciate. We can't regret things. I could be angry with that movie, Ariel and Sebastian. I could block out those tunes whenever I hear them and relate them to a sad time in my life. Instead I rather keep the memories, the goods and bads because we all know there's one of each in every event in our life.



Thanks for reading.. back to Breakfast at Tiffany's :)

Love always,