Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

Do you remember along time ago one of those advertisements, late at night about how they can teach you 'Speed Read'? They showed people literally with their hand combing through page after page as if their eyes were reading a million words per second. I never really believed it but if you ever saw my Dad read (and yes I know he's an English teacher) he's pretty fast and it boggles my mind. Yep, I said boggle. I'm sitting here doing that same thing with me life. Trying to breeze through year after year since I was a wee little one thinking if there were any crazy incidents that I could write about.

Let's go back a little, play some 80s classics because that's where we need to start...

Mom&Dad are the first reason and only reason that I'm even alive. I don't think I need to explain the birds and the bees to you. If you're questioning it I learned everything from my sister in second grade so my facts may not be that accurate. ;) I have really great parents and can't brag enough about them in which pretty sure I've discussed them in prior blogs.

My Dad's the oldest of 7 wonderful Aunts & Uncles and my Mom is an indentical twin out of 4 kids. My Dad was always wise, intelligent and inspiring knowing he was the oldest and in a way had to be. The countless lessons I've learned from him could probably be written in an encyclopedia album.

My mom is so sweet, caring and always concerned (you can't deny it, Mom). There's nothing wrong with that. She's the reason I've grown to care so much about other people and their feelings. Also, I gained my sensitive trait from her.

Because of them doing the boogy woogy, a perfect delivery (yeah right), and teaching me so much I've gone through life questioning what could have been some bad choices. I have avoided so much negative all because of what they have taught me.

Thanks Rick and Kathy. You two are pretty amazing and I love you both so much. I appreciate you two falling in love and not giving up on having babies. I'm sorry I was a little late but I like to make an entrance!

Love always,