Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 22 → Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

This one reminds me alot of Day 3. There are so many things I've done in my life that I regret but as I always say I don't sit dwelling on them. Just this one time, only for ha-ha's I will try to think of those things I regret in life. After this post is done I'm not going back to depress, pity myself, etc. I'm just being real and we all have things we regret but know better to let those remain where they are.. which is in the past.

There's a few bad things I've done that turned into funny stories. For example when I was in 1st grade the evening before school pictures I cut my bangs. "I" cut my bangs. I missed half of them and the half that was cut was pretty much all the way to the root. My poor Mom had to mousse my hair like crazy for the picture the next day. It's great looking at that picture, even better pictures later in the year where the bangs are growing out. Good times..

On a more serious note there's definitely things I've neglected in my life or did that created a different path for me. It could be considered good or bad, but they're definitely not those stories I could laugh about.

I gave up on Art in High School, my senior year of all years. Why? I couldn't even tell you now, just know that I did. I think it was slowly happening because of certain forces in my life and then eventually I just stopped caring. I remember the last week of school when everyone was gathering work throughout the years in the Art Room and I told my teacher "You can just keep all of mine". To this day I only have a few things out of 4 years creating an amazing Portfolio for myself. That's something I regret. Moving on before I start crying..

I wasn't there for my sister as much as I wish I had been in our younger years. She's amazing, caring and truly a genuine soul. When I finally did realize my role and what I needed to do I definitely worked really hard at being a better sister. There's just a period of time that I look back on and without a doubt I did not like that person I once was. She knows how I feel though and I'll be there for her until the day I stop breathing.

Love you guys. Thanks for reading :)