Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Trying to explain something over a conference call and 4 out of the 4 people say they are very confused.
- Deciding to colour your hair (lighter). Just when you're halfway through adding the colour a huge t'storm starts, no power and no idea what areas of your hair you're getting.
- Continuing from the previous comment.. Having a skylight in your bathroom and being petrified to step underneath it to wash the colouring out of your hair, so it happens to stay in a bit longer than you had hoped for.. and longer than what the directions called for. (oops)
- Listening to the radio in the car and all of a sudden there's a spanish commercial. I actually turned the dial forward and backwards because I thought I was on the spanish channel. No, it was still the oldies?
- Taking goofy pictures of myself while we lost power. I was that bored.
- Walking in the petstore to get some food for the babies. When I look over and there's a ginormous bunny on a leash sitting looking up at me. I said, 'Thumper?' .. and I smiled at the owner. He didn't find it to be that funny.

- Coming home each day this week to new flowers that bloomed somewhere in our yard.
- Getting my thx thx thx book in the mail! I love it! I really, really love it!
- We got a new TV last weekend and it's so beautiful. It's a 50 inch, that's ginormousto me!
- Using the word 'ginormous' 2x in one post. Yep, I did it.
- Charlie picking up Chilis takeout on the way home from work just to surprise me with some of their extras. Their chips, salsa, ranch, queso and guacamole dip. That's probably why my stomach hurts today. So worth it!
- Finding a new pair of incredibly, comfortable, cheap, loose fitting jeans at Old Navy. You know that expression, Granny Panties?.. well I feel like I'm wearing them when I put these on.