Monday, June 6, 2011

Remembering a Beautiful Friend.

I hope that you all are having a beautiful day. The sun is out and it hasn't been hidden not even once by any clouds. There is a slight breeze, but overall I would say today is perfect in Mother Nature's book. My mind is a bit cluttered with thoughts so I will try my best to express my feelings.

Today, my good friend Sherry has passed on. As you may have read from previous posts she has been battling cancer for over 5 years when it first began. It began with Melanoma on her arm and from there each time they felt she was cured, the cancer kept coming back in different spots. She never once gave up. She never once felt bad for herself and she would not stand for anyone feeling bad for her. She continued fighting, spreading her love, appreciating every part of her life, sharing her smile, laughing and being the same Sherry until the moment she left us today. She leaves two young sons and an extraordinary husband. Every person she's met throughout her life, she has changed and welcomed with open arms. To me, the woman she was is what we should all live to be.

On my way I knew that I wanted to do something in memory of Sherry. I found myself walking around the flower department and everything was purple. I can't even begin to express the feeling that came over me, as purple is Sherry's favorite colour. Nothing was beautiful enough though, until I came across various rose bushes. The first name that I saw was 'Purple Passion' Hybrid Tea Rose. Without any hesitation I grabbed it and was on my way home to plan it immediately. With Sherry's love I know this will bloom into elegant, purple roses.

There are people we meet in life that will change it all in the most positive way possible. When the day comes that they do pass on, it'll be okay to mourn and go through all of the emotions that you will not be able to control. However, the one thing that cannot change is what you've taken from their friendship. We meet people for a reason, because they play a role in our lives differently from one another. They teach us something about ourselves and share their knowledge, their love and most of all their life. Don't let that friendship fade away, instead spread it amongst those you meet in days to follow because that is what makes a life important. That is carrying on a memory. 

So from today on, I will live my life as Sherry has shown myself and all the lives she's played a part in. I'll continue making the best out of any obstacle that is thrown my way, loving those around me and welcoming with open arms new friends. 

I love you all very much. ♥