Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Dee: La-Dee-Da Crafter

After 2 years of marriage, I became a widow at the age of 30. Before my husband passed we buried our son who died in the womb, never seeing the light of day. I was told I would never bear another child. I was heartbroken and alone after  losing my husband in a fatal car crash.

Two years later after much prompting from friends, I decided to give online dating a try. The whole dating thing was hard and really kind of annoying. I soon met at man in the Navy, serving in Iraq. It was nice emailing him and getting to know him without the pressure of dating-in person, which I was so nervous about. 
 Then, he came back to the USA and wanted to meet me-IN person!!!!
I flew to Arizona to meet him for a weekend and that was it. We have been together ever since. We got married in March 2011. 
 I love my husband because he completes my life. He has healed my heart and has taught me to love again. I do believe I can love my husband now because I have truly been loved by 2 great men in my life and I am so grateful. My husband also gave me something I never thought I would have- 4 amazing and loving children. I am now a step mom and could not be happier. My life has been restored, my heart has been healed and my love has been magnified to depths I did not know existed.
When I found Kyle, I not only found a husband, best friend, my hero, my true companion, but I also found my family! My wedding was special because I became a wife and a mom!

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