Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Our Love Story:

Wegan (Whitney & Megan) have been together since October 2008. We first met online for a few years (thank you Myspace & Facebook!) and met in person when Whitney came over to the UK to study abroad. We had never admitted to liking each other online but two weeks later on 5th October 2008 we were officially girlfriend & girlfriend <3 For the next few months we saw each other in Cardiff & London until it was time for Whit to sadly move back to Hawaii to finish her degree. We have been doing LONG distance ever since. We have visited each other 9 times in total, not only have we enjoyed the UK and Hawaii, but we have also visited Paris & France. 
We love each other more than anything and everything. This summer, Megan gave up her jobs and moved out to Hawaii to be with Whitney and finish writing her dissertation for her masters. The plan had long been for Whitney to move to the UK once she had finished her degree, and that we would then finally embark on our life plan of one day having a beautiful home, marriage, cats, kids & ultimately a shared life together. This, however, went slightly off plan due to Whitney sadly being denied a visa to the UK! We are devastated but are in the process of appealing it. On 17th May 2011 at our favourite beach in Hawaii, Megan got down on one knee and proposed to Whitney- who immediately cried and of course said yes!! We plan to get married in 2014 and can't wait to start planning. We are for now trying to figure out Plan B as we can't bare to go back to long distance. We are not only lovers but each others best friends and mean the world to one another. We have truly found our soul mates and believe that ultimately true love prevails all.
Wegan X

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