Monday, June 27, 2011

Let Yourself Feel Beautiful ♥

It's important for a lady to feel like.. a lady. We've grown up watching the men in our lives 'wooing' women in such romantic ways. I'm not talking about our fathers, uncles, or any other men that we see in person. I'm talking about the Richard Gere's... the John Travolta's.. the Robert Pattinson's.. This is what we see or read about and that's what us women grow up wanting. It's true, isn't it? I know it's not just me that always dreamed of that beautiful Wedding, the romantic proposal, the first kiss, etc. We grow up seeing these men making a lady feel like.. a lady. Well, let's start making ourselves feel special, since we can't wait around forever. Right? Next time you see a flower, pick it and put it in your hair. It'll make you feel glamorous ♥ Leave yourself sweet notes that will help lift up your spirits each day. Treat yourself to a day out and get all pampered. It's okay to make yourself feel special, because you are. You are all so beautiful. ♥