Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet our Lovely Sponsors: Part Two

*What is your favorite hobby and when did it begin? -I have SOOOO many hobbies!  It's hard to pick just one.  I've been doing photography my entire life.  I started out with an old Polaroid camera of my father's.  Recently I was a photographer for OU Student Media.  I absolutely love shooting sports!  My favorite is animals and nature though.  You'll understand my love of photography as soon as you stumble upon my blog.

I also recently started playing Frisbee Golf (Frolfing).  I talk about it a lot on my blog.  The game is quite a bit like regular golf.  You have a tee and a pin that you have to make it to.  Each hole has a certain number of shots that you try to make it in, or par.  The only difference is that instead of a ball and club you throw a disc.  Well that and the fact that the "hole" is actually a basket.  I'm not very athletic but I love this.  I get my workout in by walking the coarses and chasing down rogue discs.

I've also been writing for as long as I can remember.  When I was in high school I was accepted into the Oklahoma Summer Arts Academy for poetry.  I'm currently working on a novel, but it isn't coming along so well at the moment.

*Is there something that you always wanted to do in life? Do you have a passion for something you’re working towards? -I've always wanted to travel the world.  I love to travel but have only been to one other country (Mexico).  Once the boy and I get our lives straightened out, we plan to travel Europe.  I really want to photograph Ireland, Amsterdam, France, and Italy.  I've been trying to save up for a really nice camera, the Nikon D5000 to be exact.  I can settle for a cheaper SLR though, as long as I have something decent to use over there.

*Do you have a funny/embarrassing story you’d like to share? -I have quite a few really, I tend to be very absent minded and klutzy.  However, Matt's two favorites to tell are these:  One time when we were eating lunch at EL Chico we ordered Top Shelf Guacamole.  I was very sleep deprived and not paying attention to anything.  I'm sitting there enjoying my guac and smelled what I thought was bell peppers.  I did not know that raw jalepenos smell just like bell peppers.  So I said something about the bell peppers in the guac... Needless to say I realized my mistake when I took a big "bell pepper" filled bite.  Matt and the waiter had a good laugh.  I can't eat guac without Matt bringing it up.

The second one, I really don't have a good excuse for.  I went grocery shopping without Matt a few weeks ago.  We needed cereal and milk.  I don't like the taste of milk, so we usually get very vanilla soy milk or almond milk.  I've also been on an organic kick, so I buy Kashi when I have the money.  Matt and I like different flavors of their shredded week, so I picked up what I thought was a box of each.  Then I head over to the milk area and have to find a carton of almond milk that isn't smashed.  I mean really, who wants milk to bust in their car??  Anyway, I grab the first not smashed carton I see and put in the basket without thinking.  I get home and Matt asked why I bought two boxes of the same cereal... I was a little embarrassed but didn't really worry about it.  I said something about getting almond milk, and got a reply of "uh... what almond milk?  You bought coconut milk."  I had to go see before I believed him.  I also messed up something else, but I don't remember what.  He told everyone we knew we about two weeks the whole story.  I can't go shopping alone now apparently lol.

*Is there something you do to ‘de-stress’? If so, tells us about it. -This is so totally lame, but when I get stressed I get on ebay.  Shopping tends to be my way to cope with stress, but on ebay I'm not guaranteed to actually win an auction so there is a chance I don't end up spending the money I don't need to spend.  It also gives me good gift ideas!
*What is a perfect day in your eyes? -It would start with me being off work!  Matt would wake me up with sweet potato pancakes and a raspberry iced coffee.  The day would be about 80 degrees with a slight breeze and very few clouds.  We'd go out to NE Lions park to play a round or two of disc golf before noon.  Then we'd go have sushi for lunch.  A perfect day HAS to include sushi, or it's not perfect.  After lunch, I'd get my full-tummy-nap while watching The Labyrinth (my favorite movie!!).  Upon waking, I'd sit outside in my hammock (I may not have one now, but on a perfect day I would) reading a book and/or blogging.  The dogs wouldn't jump on me and beg for attention.  Tank wouldn't irritate Matt near as much as normal.  For dinner, we'd go to Cowboy's with the besties.  I'd get my favorite, a rare filet minon with a light beer or a glass of wine.  Then we'd go to bestie's house to drink, swim, and play Rock Band.  I'd be worn out enough to get a good night's sleep too!
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*When did you begin blogging and what inspired you? -I started blogging the middle of December 2010 and I had just moved to Colorado and was a stay at home mom. I needed a creative outlet and wanted to find a way to possibly make a little bit of coffee money!!

*Do you have any features you created on your blog? If so, tell us about them/it. -
I have several things I try to run on a regular basis they are:
*What is your favorite hobby and when did it begin? -I would have to say graphic design. I just dabble in it but I really enjoy it a lot. I would say it started about 5 years ago for me when I took a photoshop class!

*What do you want to do with your life, do you have a passion for something you’re working towards? -My greatest dream would to be a speaker. Another one is to have an "at home" business so I can stay home with my kids!

*Is there something you do to ‘de-stress’? -baths, walking, shopping, coffee with friends!
*Any tips or advice for our friends out there that are just starting up their blogs? -Comment a lot and post often! You can read my post about How to Gain More Followers HERE

*What is a perfect day in your eyes? -Getting up, going to Starbucks, going to the airport, flying to somewhere tropical, laying on the beach, getting dressed up, going out to somewhere nice with my husband and go.

*Is there someone you look up? -Famous or someone close to you? And Why? I really look up to a woman named Beth Moore. She is so passionate about God and life and believing truth. I would love to meet her and I would love to be more like her as well.
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Hello lovelies! I'm Michelle from a little bit of this & that and I'm so happy to be a sponsor for Love is Everywhere.  Katie is a sweetheart and I love reading her blog!

*When did you begin blogging and what inspired you? -I began blogging just a mere five months ago in January.  I can happily say that blogging has changed my life!  It has been such an amazing experience and I've met so many wonderful people.  :)   I was inspired by others in the blog world!  Last year,  I began to notice a lot of baking blogs as I scoured the Internet for recipes (baking is another passion of mine) and started to follow them.  I thought that creating a blog would be a great creative outlet for me so I put "create a blog" on my bucket list.  When the new year began,  I knew it was the right time for me to cross it off my bucket list and get blogging! And here I am :) 

*Do you have any features you created on your blog? If so, tell us about them/it. -I have a few features that I am very happy to share with all of you.  I love link ups!  When I began blogging, I starting linking up each week with other blogs and I met so many amazing bloggers that way.   I decided that I thought it would be fun to create a few link ups of my own.  

Last month,  I created two one-time link ups called Me on the Map and You Say It's Your Birthday. Me on the Map was a link up where I asked bloggers to share where they live and highlight their town to allow readers to know more about where they come from.  In the You Say It's Your Birthday link up,  I asked bloggers to share their dream birthday or favorite birthday celebration with us.  Both link ups received such a great response that I'm trying to come up with a weekly link up!  Until then, I currently have a few series running on my blog. On Mondays,  I host a two-part dating series: Not Another Bad Date where I share bad dating stories sent in by bloggers (shared anonymously unless otherwise noted) and The Road to Finding Love where I share bloggers dating stories that have a happy ending.

I currently co-host a series/link up called Tastes & Travels where we share food, fashion, and destination information as we virtually travel the world! It recently started and I hope you'll come visit and travel the world with us :)  I am also currently hosting two new additional link-ups which include Sweet Tooth Sunday and Meet & Greet: Blog Edition.

*Is there anything happening in your life at the moment, that you're absolutely loving?  -Everyone who follows my blog knows I LOVE the singer, Jason Aldean.  After being a dedicated fan for 4+ years,  a dream of mine came true and I was able to meet him.  It was the best day ever!  It was a day I will never forget and a great memory that I will cherish!  {For the full story, you can find my blog post here.}
*What is the best vacation you ever had in life and why? -Las Vegas is one of the most exhilarating places that I've ever been to!  I LOVE the strip and all of the hotels!  Everything is gorgeous and over the top.  There is such a great energy in Las Vegas and there is so much fun to be had!

*Is there someone you look up to in life?  Are they famous or close to you and why? -Someone I look up to is my mom.  She is the best mom that I could ever ask for and my best friend.  She works hard to do everything she can for everyone in her life.  She is my not only my mom and best friend, but is my biggest supporter and has helped me to become the strong, independent woman I am today.  I hope that I can be as great a mom to my children some day.