Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let Your Decor Shine!

 I was walking around our house cleaning it up a bit for some visitors later. I realize how much I love all the paintings & pictures on the wall. They fit perfectly. There's still so much that we need to do but they are all doing their jobs at the moment. Take a walk with me....
 On this wall we have a picture I found at Kohls. Our walls are a light sage. Green is my favorite and I consider that to be in the same family, or perhaps a cousin. Either way, the painting I found was a missing piece in our home. Not anymore...

.. and then we have the leaves. One of my favorite photos I've taken. This picture goes back about 3 years. It was from an adventure Charlie and I went on during the fall (you can probably tell the season from the leaves). It was on our wall in our old apartment and after some time finding the right location in our home.. it's up!

This cute decor I found at Pier 1 (I think....). I know that I bought when we moved in but that was 1 1/2 years ago and at that time I was running around everywhere trying to find things to fill in our home. The colours were just right ;)

..and then there is our upstairs bathroom. The red was already there prior to moving in. This picture I had taken. It was actually from flowers my co-workers sent when I was out for surgery a few years back. I was dying to get it printed placed in a frame ♥

There you have it. Hope you love them too! ♥