Friday, June 3, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

So, this right hurr is my best friend, Bradsterr. Ha, kidding. But literally, he's my best friend. Want to hear the cute love story!? Alright, that works for me! :) So basically, we didn't really become friends until we met in Cross Country before senior year. Well, we were really chill best friends. Really. He then asked me to homecoming, which was super cute. He gave me a vacuum. Ridiculous, right? Anyway, I answered him all cute, like girls do. I pretty much threw shredded paper everywhere :) It was fun! Ha, okay I'll get back to the story. We had 5th period right next to each other, so we'd always walk to class together, and after a couple times, he'd start waiting for me when class got out, and we'd walk upstairs to our other classes, together.

He doesn't know this, but at the time, I thought he liked me!! ;) Eeek! Hahaha

We went to homecoming. Looked fabulous together, had a blast, and continued to be really good friends! We ate lunch together, and ran and such. Like pals do :) Then, I went through some rough things, met someone else, and we slowly drifted apart, and I changed lunches, and never really saw him again until about... April or May... :/ Sad right? Totally is, looking back. I went through some more crazy stuff, and finally made it to graduation.

Here comes the good stuff!!! :) :) :)

We graduated, and it was superb! We had an event called "Senior Sunset" where the school puts on a graduation party from 10:30 PM until 5:30 AM at a recreation center. I'm thinking they do it to prevent students from drinking and driving. Ha. Anyway, my wonderful friends Katie and Jocelynn and I had this hilarious joke/pick up line thing goin' and we kept doing it to every guy we came across. This is how it went: *Walk up to a boy/girl (depending on your gender)* and say, *As you grab/hold their hand* "Will you hold this for me while we go for a walk?" And then start walking! Hahaha, we thought it was funny. Well, ice skating opened around 1:30 AM and we all went! I had done it to Bradsterr once before, and did it a few times while ice skating, and after a while he just kept holding my hand, and would pull me around the rink. Sometimes he'd go super fast because it scared me and he's a little pest like that ;) Then others started to ask if something was up, but I didn't really think anything of it. Until...
He never left my side for the rest of the night, and offered me a ride home. He was a sweet guy :) That's one thing that definitely caught my attention about him, was definitely how much a gentleman he is. Whenever he'd have friends over, and they'd leave, he'd walk them to the door and say goodbye. :) So the next day he continued to text/talk to me, which is very unusual for this kid, and I knew it. We hungout again a day later, and ended up holding hands a little bit! Hahahaha it was super cute :) We continued to hangout and establish this friendship which turned into more than friends :) :)

He's had my heart ever since, and that's our love story :)
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