Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- I was driving to my bff's house yesterday and on the way there was a woman pushing a stroller. From far away I thought, aw that's so sweet! Then as I got closer I noticed she was talking on her cell. Nope, it was a cordless phone. You know the white ones with the big antennas? A second thought came to me... 'how far can she actually get with that thing'? Either she'll lose connection or she's pushing her child around listening in on other people's calls. It made me giggle. :)
- I'm petrified of spiders, I mean a physical and mental breakdown if one catches me off guard. This morning at 5:30am mind you.. I went to put my right foot in the shoe and out jump.. this huge, monstrous like the size of a squirrel.. (okay I'm exaggerating a bit) nasty spider! It ran towards me so I jumped back on the bed, screamed really loud, waking up Charlie.. then it made it's way to the other room. Charlie told me I should have killed it. I said... "With what my bare foot, heck no!"
- Thinking I can play the slot machines and actually win money..
-  Getting dressed and then my girlfriend came to pick me up to check out this Wine Bar. I sit in her car and see she's wearing a cute dress, beautiful hat and sandals. I look down and see I'm wearing jeans. I then step out of the car, run back inside and threw on a dress. ♥ So glad I did! That was not a place for KT Jeans ;)
- Talking to someone with a pen in my hand. I use my hands to talk way too much and it went flying up in the air. Pretty sure I frightened her. Not the first time... won't be the last..

- Going a full week without stepping out of my shoes while walking.
- Having a fabulous dinner made by my bff last night and trying for the first time, Pineapple Wine (delish.. F Y to the I)!
- On the topic of wine. You'll see the photo above with my two beautiful besties! We went to a place called Uncorked tonight. A wee bit pricey but it's worth it. I tried wines I never heard of before and we had what I consider to be elegant and yummy appetizers ♥ I love my friends and I sure love wine!
- Charlie gave Peanut a bath yesterday. It was so nice coming home to a sweet smelling, crazy licking, loveable little pup.
- This weekend is 4th of July. I absolutely am smitten over fireworks. Never did a Number and Word mean so much to me ♥