Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Bit of Loveliness

Today was a beautiful day. I hope that for all the Fathers out there they were all spoiled. Charlie and I spent the day outside at our home. We fixed up the lawn and of course I took some photos here and there ♥ I'd like to share them all with you!

These beautiful flowers below I'm especially proud of. I picked them out and planted them myself. The best part is.. they're growing and they look pretty damn healthy!

I wanted to buy Raspberry Bushes to plant in our yard. Then one day, a lovely friend of mine was over walking around our yard. She pointed to an area with 10ft+ of bushes. With a smile she said, "you're going to have raspberries.." I was so thrilled and look they're starting to show themselves to the world!

These cute little decor I fell in love with. Can you see why? 

My bff has a new place with her boyfriend and they bought the wine glass holder to put under their cabinet. The moment I saw it, I thought.. "I would love that in my kitchen.." A few weeks back I went on a journey trying to find one. It ended up with Pier 1 and while I was there I got new glasses. See the metal rose? That's actually a wine stopper!

Below are Tiger Lilies from our yard. I felt like they needed a little touch of Photoshop ♥

When we moved into our home, we had no front yard. I mean.. it was there but there was no grass. It was pretty much all dirt. Our neighbors expressed to us how the yard was cursed as the owners before us tried to plant grass. They put alot of money into it too. Charlie though, with so much motivation worked so hard and look.. it's really beautiful!

The end of a day filled with hard work outside! I think it was my favorite Counting Crows t'shirt that kept me going and of course the love of the kitties when we were all finished ♥

Oh.. of course EVERYONE knows this little man. I have to say out of the 1,000s of photos (and believe me there's that many) I've taken of Peanut.. this one.. is by far.. my absolute favorite of them all! ♥