Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Today is a blurry kind of day. :)

- Taking funny pictures of yourself on the deck. Okay, I won't sugar coat this.. it was me taking pictures being all ridiculous and I look over and realize my neighbor was watching. The thing is.. I don't think he saw the camera. Pretty sure it was a mutual agreement since he turned his head that we will not discuss this?
- Maybe I tripped walking into work, almost landed on the ground.. Did a little spin and said out loud 'Wow! That was a close one'. Then looking around realized no one saw me. That's more awkward then someone actually being there.. Oh yeah.. the security guard watches all the cameras so hopefully my exaggerated trip was worth it after all?
- Have I mentioned at all that I'm immune to Poison Ivy? It's true.. growing up I'd rub it on myself because I thought it was cool my cousins got gauze wrapped around their arms when they got it. My cousin even push me in Ivy, nada. Well, guess what I got for the first time in 27 years this past weekend? Holy crap does that stuff itch! I'm going crazy. How do people tolerate this? I take back all the times rubbing ivy over my legs, arms and face. Kharma.. big time...
- Trying on a dress and not knowing my size. I really don't wear dresses that often, I wish I did. So It was hard to judge what I needed. Well, I thought I was a small and the only one in that size was on the mannequin. I asked the lovely Gal if she would mind getting it for me. She looked at me and said, "That's a small. I think you need a medium because of your chest." I said, "No I'm a small.." She smiled and said... "okay".. Well let's just say when I put that puppy on.. a lot was popping out, it was awful and I was a bit humiliated being in a dressing room even by myself.. The worst was having to walk out and hand it back to her because it didn't fit. Needless to say, I chose a different dress all together :)

- Going to NYC to stay with one of my besties Friday Night. We have reservations at a yummy restaurant which she will write all about. So be sure to visit her over the next few days!
- My cousin is up from Texas and leaves Saturday. Shortly, I'll be stepping out to have a little Happy Hour with him, as well some of my other cousins and friends. Pretty psyched.
- Have I mentioned I stopped biting my nails for the umpteenth time? Well, I'm almost going on a month now. They look beautiful. It was all cold turkey. The trick is constantly keeping nail polish on them.
- My car aka 'My Boy Blue' has been acting a little funky lately. Sadly, he needs a lot of work. The good part is, Charlie called the dealership and it's all under warranty. Bada Boom Bada Bang! :)
- Going to the Beach Sunday - My first real day at the beach this whole summer. Love you all!