Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So very delicious.

Ooh la la! It's Wednesday which is my ab-so-lute favorite day of the week! So here I am, sitting, after opening a new bottle of wine I bought this past weekend at Hopkins Vineyard with Charlie. 

A few thoughts came to mind. One is how much I LOVE wine. Two, being how much of wine I actually drink. Three, I would consider myself to be a good wine critic (said with a little giggle). With that last thought.. why haven't I given any reviews on some yummilicious ones I've tried?

Consider this my first "I'm Loving Wine" Review. It'll be short, sweet and simple! ♥

Hopkins Vineyard
Peach Wine
Semi-Sweet Wine
Information on the Vineyard go here.

To begin I found a cute little wine glass and had a bottle opener handy. Cracked it open which was pretty dang easy! I'm not sure if it's because it's been a few rough days with work and my arms were crying out for that bottle or if they just made it for people like me who seem to have difficultly opening wine bottles? It poured out smoothly, like silk. That's the best way to describe it. You can immediately smell the sweet fragrance of Peach! It's not too strong but enough to make your nose tickle. As smoothly as it poured into my glass, that's how it went down with the first sip. It was niec and cold after being refrigerated for a day! Even though I'm trying this wine for the first time without food.. there's a few things I'm craving. Chicken Parmesan with Garlic Bread. Yes! That's what my stomach is grawling for at this moment. It must be the Peach!

If you're far away from CT and want to purchase it click here. I'm unsure what stores they sell it from. For me, I purchased it directly from the Vineyard (which is extremely beautiful by the way). 

Thank you for being apart of my first Wine Review! ♥