Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

* Someone left a message on my work voice mail a little frantic, saying they were trying to reach a child's parents and it was extremely important that I call her back. I thought to myself I better let them know they have the wrong number in case they're just waiting around for a call back. So I did, being the nice little gal I am. A woman with a completely different tone answers as if I just ruined her entire day. I expressed who I was and why I was calling. I told her the child's name and that this number did not belong to his parents. She said okay and hung up on me... Geesh!
* My Boy Blue, also known as my car ;) .. has been under the weather these past few weeks. Long story short he went to the dealership, or should I say.. I drove him there last week. They did what they needed to do and sent us on our way. The same noise that was there when I brought Blue in was STILL there! So we shimmied on back to the dealership this week. This time.. we asked the nice gentleman, also known as the guy who ignored the noise the first time around to come along and we'd point out the noise. I think a light bulb went on, because suddenly he knew what was wrong. Let's just say a very important part of my car that keeps My Boy Blue driving and KT out of an accident was about to fall off!
* My mug shot up there. Many imperfections. My teeth, the freckle in the middle of my forehead, my big ole' pointy nose.. just to name a few ;)
* I found these cute capris I had buried away in my closet and new that today was a great day to wear them. I put them on and realize... eeeh... these are a bit snug. I did a few stretches in them and they seemed to be staying together pretty good. On my way to work I went with my snug pair of capris. Halfway through the day I went to reach down and the top button popped off. Even though, my parents stay on I still felt a bit naked around my waste line..,

* My Boy Blue is now 100% and ready to drive us all to Maine in a few weeks.
* Oh.. did I mention we are going on vacation at last? It's our 21st year going to Maine. I'm so antsy to be there, on the beach, getting sun, running in the iced cold water, eating Pier Fries, playing setback.. and most of all being with my family!
* Hearing 'Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge for the first time in SO long and just rocking out in my living room to it. Here.. you can too!
* Have I mentioned I'm no longer a nail biter, once again? I probably have,, just a time or two? Very proud of myself!
* It's the weekend and so much in store for me! A lovely dinner with my girlfriend at her new place tomorrow night. Then it's off to a housewarming party and a fundraiser. Perhaps, Sunday will be a beach day? I don't know - feeling pretty spontaneous! ♥