Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love for Grapes!

Happy Sunday to you all.
I hope you had a lovely weekend ♥
I sure did!

Charlie and I took a little road trip yesterday. He surprised me with a few destinations. I'll share with you my favorite one!

Our first destination was Hopkins Vineyard, which neither of us had ever been. Talk about a perfect day for a wine tasting. Did I mention it only cost $6?!
The scenery was beautiful! Here, you can see for yourself ♥

Charlie and I tasted a total of 7 different wines. I was good and only walked away with one bottle. It's called Peach Wine, which I've never tasted in my entire life! It's refreshing to try new things, isn't is? ♥

I really love this man beside me. Who still surprises me and enjoys going on little adventures just as much as I do!