Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Being Irish and hanging out with some awesome Irish folks in NYC with the thickest accents ever. I could not understand a single word they said. But they spoke so beautifully. I did a lot of smiling and laughing.. :)
-  I probably could write an entire Awkward post about NYC. We got all dolled up.. hair makeup, cute shoes, pretty dresses.. we went to dinner and the weather was perfecto! The moment we stepped outside it was raining. We made it work, but damn those puddles and rain flattening our hair..
- Went to the Beach for the first time this summer. I know, we're already in July (eek). I did a fine job putting lotion all over myself, but of course I missed one spot. No big deal, just my forehead.. you know the spot that anyone who looks at you automatically sees unless you have sweet bangs (which I do not). Needless to say I've had a killer red streak across my forehead...
- Out of all days I had the most meetings today where people were up close to me. Yes.. you got it.. my sunburn across my forehead decided today is the day it would being peeling in the worst way possible..
- Definitely walked out of my shoes in NYC.. more than 3x...
- Went to get an Ice Cream with Charlie. I asked him to order a waffle cone, with soft chocolate ice cream and chocolate sprinkles (mmmm...).. He grabs the order from the woman and hands me my cone. I look down and then at him and said.. ".. this is vanilla.." .. He looked down and said.. "No that's chocolate.."... I then said... "no.. it's white.. it's vanilla..."... He looked up at the woman and said.. "Uhm.. I think I ordered chocolate..." She grabbed the cone and I then I panicked and thought.. "Do they spit in ice cream or is that just at restaurants?"....

- All of my friend Tania and I hilarious music videos on Youtube (still tons more to come). We had a 2 hr car ride home this past weekend and sang from the moment we left NYC to the second we arrived in CT. It was a blast, just being ourselves and being silly! You can watch them here.
- Having a cookout with another couple this weekend. So excited to light up the grill, plug in the deck lights, lounge, veg out and maybe play some ping pong!
- I just bought after work today a beautiful quilt for our bed. I know it's quite a ways into the warm months, but it's so colourful and just simply lovely. I also moved the room around. Moving rooms around is one of my favorite things to do! I will have to take a photo next week when I am finished cleaning it all out ♥ .. It's all a nice feeling!
- Feeling secure enough lately to wear dresses that are low cut on the top. I have scars from my prior surgeries that are very visible, especially in a bathing suit. I spend time trying to cover the scars up so I wear a high enough shirt. I I'm not sure if it's my faux tan or what but my neck seems so much more appealing to me :)
- Went to a Wine Tasting at Cavey's in CT this past Tuesday with some very lovely ladies. We had such a good time, eating their yummy food and OH the Chocolate Souffle! I can't even begin to describe the feeling that Souffle gives me lol! It's so delicious.. so so so delicious!
 - Vacation is only 2 weeks away for me. I'm super excited and hope these weeks fly on bye and vacation is in total slow motion ;)
- You'll notice I'm wearing in the photos above, a beautiful headband. This headband is from one of my favorite shops! Lap of Luxury. If you stop bye tomorrow, we'll be having a Giveaway right here on Love is Everywhere!

PS! Here's a little surprise for you! One of your fabulous Karaoke Car Ride Videos! Enjoy :)