Saturday, July 23, 2011

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1. I have an unhealthy addiction to Pepsi.
2. My sister and I will be opening up a shop in less than 3 weeks!!
3. I'm in the process of writing a novel.
4. One way I stay inspired? I people-watch. Weird, but it always helps me to come up with new stuff/features/style.
5. For the past 6 years, I have been working with kids; in church and at my daycare.

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1. I often refer to myself as an "odd cookie" because I am a super silly and goofy person...just ask my fiancĂ© and family! LOL!
2. I love rainbows and have since I was a little girl, so, every time I see one I get so excited and turn back into a little girl looking up at it in awe!
3. I am not much of a sweets, desserts or candy lover, so, they can be around and I won't touch them, but put me in front of some cheese, especially brie, or something salty, like chips and salsa, and it would be tough to resist!
4. I am one of the world's worst spellers, but it seems to run in my family, so, I'll blame it on my genes! ;)
5. I love to take pictures of everything, especially details and food, which my family and friends have gotten used to since I like to document things, and so I always have my camera with fact, if I am not taking pictures people question it! :)

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  Hi everyone!

I am Fran from FreeBorboleta and I’m excited to be here!

I’m bad at introductions. My shy self gets the best of me. Even online.

But I’ll give it a try.

 I’m a 20-something college student and future librarian.

Yes. I am a nerd.

I have a wonderful husband that I seriously don’t deserve.

He is in the Army and they currently have us sleepless in Seattle.

We have two Samoyeds that we spoiled as we would our kids.

I blog about random shenanigans and the craziness that life can be.

I also help my mom run her Etsy shop NeedlePoint N’ More (

I enjoy reading and walks on the beach at sunset.

But, no... really.

I’m a musicals and Criminal Minds kind of gal.

See. I’m a nerd.

We should nerd together sometime : )