Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Day Indeed..

Today was a good day.  
Plain and simple as that. 

I went for a ride to a town perhaps 4 away. It's a beautiful scenic route that I've driven numerous times with my bestie who moved out to San Diego. I missed her today on my ride there. I saw some funny things that I know would have made her laugh.

The best part of my ride today was a specific moment. I saw from far away a man walking very slow, with a hat, shorts and a red t'shirt. He was not walking in a straight line on the sidewalk; however, he was not on the grass. I couldn't tell until I got closer why he was stumbling every few steps. As I stopped at an intersection, there he was right beside my car on the sidewalk. He was holding a long walking stick and their I realized, he was blind.

So many thoughts came to my mind after that moment but the first one in all honesty was sadness. It was so beautiful outside, I mean so gorgeous. Here I am driving this route because of the trees, the houses, little shops and interesting people. Here is someone walking beside me but is not seeing what I see. His beauty is different. My last thought that stood out is how amazing this man is. I've met and also worked with some people with different handicaps that continue to amaze me bye how motivated they are. When we seem to give up so easily on life.

Here's today a memorable day. Discovering a beautiful soul in the man with the hat, shorts and red t'shirt. Here's to life being so beautiful ♥